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Very thin solid state heat pump and cooling technology

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The invention is about a technology for building very thin solid state heat pumps that use semiconductors and electrons. Heat is used to create excess carriers (similar process as the thermally generated current in reverse biased diodes), thus absorbing heat and convert it to potential energy of the carriers in the semiconductor. Differently to standard thermoelectric effects (especially the Peltier effect), the heat is not released on the contacts. The converted heat is transported beyond the contacts, therefore very thin cooling devices can be manufactured and operated without the need of extensive heat sinks. The thermodynamics of this kind of devices is much closer to the standard refrigeration cycle with liquid/vapour phase transition - but it is still a solid state device with the electron gas as the working fluid.rnThe main problems it solves are to be able to cool surfaces efficiently and to be an embedded cooling solution within electronic devices. The minimal thickness is in the range of 4-10 µm, so it can be manufactured on flexible substrates and be moulded into almost any shape the electrical contacts allow.rnThe main benefit compared to existing technologies are:rn- devices can be much smaller than even thermoelectric modulesrn- flexible devices are possiblern- embedded cooling devices are possiblern- much less usage of raw materialrn- noiseless (same as thermoelectricity)rn- due to the thin device, thermal fatigue can be avoided

Financial information

I am looking for selling the patent, at the moment it is a not listed patent application.
The potential market is huge, it can be a cooling solution for all mobile electronic devices and all automobiles, especially electric cars. Additional markets are also possible.
So we are talking about a multi-billion dollar market.

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