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Learning system for providing background music for applications

[Category : - Advertising methods- Music- Ordering and selling methods]
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Apparatus and methods for serving ambient music area described herein.rnMusic holds the key to our emotions. It can be exciting and uplifting, playful and funny, or relaxing and laid back. Whatever the mood, we always respond. The same is true for other sensory stimulations.rnrnThere is no doubt of the huge increase in the quantity, quality and different forms of sensual stimulations that modern technology has brought to our lives. One cannot sit at a coffee shop, visit a shopping mall or relax at a hotel lobby without hearing background music, stumbling over LCD screens or smelling special scents.rnrnIt is widely recognized in retail, restaurants, leisure and other industries that creating the right, customized atmosphere can serve as a powerful tool to communicate brand values, engage with customers and encourage them to stay longer which leads to more sales and brand connection. In a high speed changing, dynamic world, with so much different people with different needs and tastes, it is hard if not impossible to create the right atmosphere for each. Even if you succeed to create the right atmosphere, you need to get feedback, learn and try to optimize the results over time.

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