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Simple version of 59 pages. Pay your tolls from your phone though app
Save hours and money.

Applications, devices and systems for toll collection are disclosed herein. An example system includes a mobile computing device that generates location based information of the mobile computing device, queries a database of toll booths defined by toll booth location, determines that the location based information of the mobile computing device matches at least one of the toll booth locations, and transmits to a gateway server location based information and identifying information that identifies a vehicle. The toll is processed using the received information.

Financial information

Looking for outright sale plus percentage
Marketing potential is cutting into a 100 billion a year industry
Everyone has a smartphone. If you use your ez pass in a different zone they charge you an extra $2.00 per transaction
Miss paying a toll. There bill you an extra 50.00
Toll by mail charges an extra $2.00
Wait in line. What's your time worth.

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