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Automatic voltage regulation is shown involving full wave rectifying a power signal and generating a reference corresponding to an operating voltage level, line sampling the power signal and comparing it to the reference to generate a line sync signal synchronized to the power signal. Producing 90° out of phase signals synchronized to the line sync signal with a PLL locked onto the line sync signal that outputs a phase error signal. Generating a quadrature signal from the phase signals. Sampling the peaks of the rectified power signal using the quadrature signal to produce a control signal. Subtracting the error signal and damping signal from the reference to produce a duty cycle modulation signal. The duty cycle modulation signal controls a duty cycle of a field voltage control signal that oscillates at a predetermined frequency. The field voltage control signal is low-pass filtered to produce the damping signal. The control signal is utilized to detect a short circuit condition and engage a circuit protection device. The reference voltage may also be obtained from another generator so that the output voltage is controlled to operate in sync with the other generator. The result is a precise and very fast (less than 8.3 msec for 60Hz) error signal that optimizes the transient response coupled to a precise V/Hz adjustable capability.