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The patented invention provides a unique way to enhance the appearance of an existing wireless earpiece, communication device or hearing aid. In doing so, it offers an alternative to traditional jewelry items. As a result, it increases style and it eliminates the need to permanently alter the earpiece. The invention features an interchangeable and decorative design that is easy to apply and use so it is ideal for adults, teens and children. Additionally, it is producible in design variations and working prototypes are available. The invention is ideal for the DoD military market by providing an inexpensive way for the military to interchange styles without making an entire new wireless device.

While the market has responded with stylish wearable technology and protective cell phone cases which all allow the user to customize to their personality, there is a gap in the market to provide the same functionality for Bluetooth earpieces. Accordingly, there exists a need for a means by which Bluetooth earpieces can be provided with interchangeable, ?classy, comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing? earrings that are functional and fun. The development of BLUETOOTH ENABLED JEWELRY fulfills this need.

The preferred embodiment is directed to a method and apparatus of a Bluetooth that is enabled in a jewelry device for use on Bluetooth headset earpieces. The preferred embodiment can be provided in the shape of almost any objects. Envisioned objects include pearls, crystals, feathers, and diamonds, among similar items. The preferred embodiment increases consumer purchase appeal to meet a need of a wearable technology jewelry and bluetooth. The accessories that can be applied and removed from the present preferred embodiment can be done without the use of additional tools.

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