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Multi-functional infant, baby, and toddler seating system

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The purchase price for US Patent 9,788,662 is $50,000.

New product design concepts are shown via the links provided. While the images are all product design concepts, the patent claims are broad, which means your company can manufacturer this versatile highchair system in many different styles and materials in accordance with your manufacturing core competencies and brand image and still have great patent protection.
Below are product design concepts for this patented highchair system including an integrated bouncer seat concept.

This highchair system is uniquely suited for the hospitality industry as well as the consumer/retail industry. The invention features the following:

** two unique components that can be used together or separately but simultaneously for two different child seating needs;

** when the top component is connected to the bottom stand component, the system is used as a standard highchair;

** the top component alone serves as a “booth-seating” highchair, or may be used as a highchair when strapped to an adult dining chair;

** the bottom stand component is the only US patented highchair system used in restaurants able to accommodate an infant carrier, safely elevating the child to dining table height at the same time the top component is used to accommodate a child who needs the use of a highchair, OR;

** when used in the home, the bottom stand component could accommodate a proprietary bouncer seat made to uniquely fit this highchair system;

** fantastic opportunity to develop a travel version of this patented highchair system;

** the highchair system can be designed in numerous ways with various materials thereby eliminating the need to re-engineer a current highchair product offering to meet the new mandated ASTM safety standards.

Since this invention has benefits and usefulness in the hospitality market (restaurants) and the consumer market (home use), enhanced branding exposure is likely.

While exhibited with simple straight lines in the patent drawings and other images, this patent was written in the broadest sense to offer various interpretations including, but not limited to plastic, wood, metal, or a combination of those materials. The sleek lines can easily be changed to soft curves, and it can also be made in a pedestal style or a "Z" shaped style highchair rather than having four “legs”.  

For companies seeking to enter the highchair market with a unique offering, this is a fantastic opportunity to introduce a patented highchair system to parents that appreciate the value of integrated products - a system that grows with a single child, saving parents money and space, or can be used for two different aged children at the same time in either the home or a restaurant.

The illustrations with this listing (are not the final design) highlight the functionality, features, and benefits of this patented highchair system in a consumer/home setting and a hospitality/restaurant setting.

The final design is flexible to your manufacturing core competencies, ASTM safety standards, and your branding objectives while still receiving the competitive advantage of years of US patent protection.

If your company is seriously wanting to expand its product offerings, owning this patented highchair system is the ideal game changer.

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