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GripArm Standard 2020

[Category : - Biking]
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It's an economical version of GRIP ARM 2020 (US9139243), We do have a provisional patent for the GRIP ARM STANDARD (US62/882,839). It has the same benefits and qualities to keeping the bicycle in a upright securing system. The system features a mounting device compromising a planer frame mount having a plurality of apertures. A mount second side features a rotating connection attached to a perpendicular member having a shape of an "L". The mounting device features a cylindrical piston housing attached to the perpendicular member having a centrally located piston chamber, a first cable chamber, and a second cable chamber. The mounting device features a first cable adapted to be retracted from the first cable chamber having a hook and a second cable adapted to be retracted from the second cable chamber having a loop. A piston is adapted to be retracted from the piston chamber via a piston second end having a semicircular mount. The bike accessory enables the cyclist to stand his or her bike upright in a subway or in any location. Accessory attaches to the bike’s top tube and features a telescopic arm that grips and wraps around a post or tree. rn•A dual spring-loaded hook extends parallel to the arm. rn•User pulls the arm around the post and connects the hook to a dual spring-loaded extension on the other side of the arm. rn•A spring-loaded arm extends outward from the disc and includes a curved rubber support at the end; rubber support braces the bikes against the pole or the tree. rn•The part from the back is replaceable; it could be gripped, depending how the company wants it. rnIt's benefits is that it keeps a bicycle upright in a variety of conditions, including when parked uphill, downhill, vertical and horizontal. Unlike a look or leaning the bike against a pole, the unit will not scratch the bikes paint. It provides a practical and secure way to keep a bike upright. Another benefit is that it rotates 90 degrees for use with vertical or horizontal pole.

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