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Golf Club scrubbing device using a pump and cleaning solution

[Category : - Golf]
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Embodiments of a portable scrubbing and cleaning device of this disclosure include a rounded brush head to make the device ergonomically friendly no matter how a user holds it; sliding bottle inside of a main body or housing with a cap on one end for quick and easy refilling of cleaning solution; fins on the inside of main body and slots on the bottle so as to not allow the bottle from spinning when the cap is being screwed or unscrewed; and a diamond cut, knurled finish on main body for a sure grip.

Financial information

My invention is manufactured and has been sold several places on the internet besides my website. Additionally, it is presented in Golf Pro Shops and a big box store. I have approximately 1500 units which would be included in the deal. I would be interested in either an outright sale or a license with royalties. The unit is quite popular with golfers of all ages and skill levels. The unit sells easily for $19.99 with sales in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. All it needs is to be manufactured at a number that will bring the per unit price down and institute a marketing campaign to include advertising on the Golf Channel and ESPN. There are 6 million golfers in the US and 30 million worldwide. The game of golf has been around for centuries... and you are reading and looking at quite possibly the finest golf club cleaning tool ever made. If you go to my website: Link you will find a thorough explanation and also you will notice there is a 3 year guarantee on the unit. The brush is just that good.
Lastly, my invention proudly presents a 3"x 1.5" smooth oval which embodies the Grooveit logo in decal... but the marketing value is tremendous, as any National, Regional or Local sponsor's logo can be affixed to the unit... thus giving that brand years of quality exposure on a player's bag. This feature alone is worth the price of admission! LOL

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