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Dump element for forming a spatial structure (500, 501) such as a filtering or skeleton construction with such dumped dump elements. The dump element (99) comprises a first elongated, curved hook part (1), a second elongated, curved hook part (2), and a spacer (3) between the first (1) and the second hook part (2), which spacer holds said hook parts (1, 2) spaced apart and interlocks them. With a method for forming a spatial structure, dumped dump elements randomly interlock. In a spatial structure, hook parts of individual dump elements lying near each other interlock while then, the hook parts intersect in their longitudinal directions.

Financial information

The patent on the Ground Consolidator (GC) has been transferred to a Dutch company. The company with the Dutch and American patents is for sale through the acquisition of the shares.
The GC has very strong energy dissipating properties and has been extensively tested in the Netherlands by Delft University of Technology and the major maritime engineering firms of the Netherlands. The tests were carried out in water laboratories and in situ.
These tests have shown that the GC is particularly suitable for protecting coasts, soils and cables and pipelines on those soils against erosion caused by waves and strong currents.
Due to the energy-dissipating properties of the GC, the GC can also be used to absorb vibrations and to extract sand and sediment for the construction of maritime structures.
The market potential is world wide. Users are maritime authorities and companies.