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[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Automotive Accessories - ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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A static electric generator relates to devices for generating electrical energy without movable mechanical parts and can be used as a power source for electronic devices. The generator consists of two permanent magnets (1) which are interconnected via opposite poles by two magnetic cores (2) forming a closed magnetic circuit. Generating induction coils (4) are mounted on one or two of the magnetic cores (2). The magnetic cores (2) are interconnected by a magnetic core (3), with a magnetizing induction coil (5) mounted thereon, which forms a branched magnetic circuit in such a manner that each of the parts of the magnetic circuit has at least one generating induction coil (4), said induction coils being connected to a load. A change in the magnetomotive force in the magnetic circuit induces an alternating electric voltage in the generating coils (4).

Financial information

The invention can be used as an Autonomous power supply. The potential market capacity is more than 100 million units.

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