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An adjustable length nail clipper

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This nail clipper design is equipped with an adjustable fingertip rest located in the clipper bottom plate that allows the user to set a distance between the fingertip and the clipper blades, creating a way to clip nails at a precise and consistent length across all nails.

This feature solves the problem of nails clipped too short, causing pain and discomfort. For seniors who have impaired vision it offers a way to insure an accurate, safe clip of their nails.

This feature is also of value to podiatrists who perform nail clipping as a procedure for patients in skilled nursing facilities.

Another benefit is that is gives users who prefer their nails at a certain length the ability to do so without "guessing" at the clip length.

From a marketing perspective, unlike many competitors' products available currently, this feature enables the creation of an emotional connection with consumers by:
- positioning the adjustable length feature for its safety and compassionate benefits
- positioning the adjustable length feature with those who take pride in their appearance by delivering a consistent and accurate clip length

This product can also be positioned with Podiatrists who may be seeking a more accurate and consistent outcome than with the currently-used nippers. Podiatrists perform nail clipping procedures for a fee for certain types of patients (reimbursable through Medicare).

This clipper technology has been developed into a fully functional working prototype.

Additional information about this product, including analysis of segments and personas, can be found on the product website, provided in this listing.

Financial information

We are accepting bids for any of the following:

- licensing with an up-front payment and royalties
- sale / transfer of this patent
- product equity partnerships

This product has not yet been sold.

This feature has been prototyped and our firm has developed an ecosystem to manufacture and fulfill to major retailers and distributors.

We are advertising this product on a product discovery platform and are pursuing agreements through that channel.

We have also developed a business and go-to-market plan for this feature as a branded product, and have developed marketing content as well, which can be offered as a part of any sale, licensing, or partnership.

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