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Grill - Portable Folding Grill

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting- Cooking]
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Have designed a portable grill which can be folded together, when not in usage.
When you want to grill it is easily folded out and ready for use.
It is all in 1 piece and does not have any additional parts to put together which can be lost.

Problem solved ... in that it is easily stowed away when not in use.
When folded out it is a perfect grill that has a lot of grill space for a lot of food. Quick to set up and use.

Benefits are
> that is a space saver when not in use.
> large grilling space to cook a lot different grill food
> no removable parts that can get lost.
There are NO such portable grills on the market that can folded together and can offer great grilling capacity!

Financial information

Market potential is, in my opinion, very large as l see this as a niche product for camping, all outdoor activities, picnics, tailgate parties, etc.
Where space is limited in campers, this portable folding grill can be stowed away and takes up virtually no space at all.
USA and Canada are the perfect market place for this type of product.

Looking for a "Partner" in USA and Canada who can assist with .....
> Finding a production facility (best to produce in the country it is to be sold in)
> Marketing and Sales

l will supply the product details / design / intellectual property.
Ready to come to an agreement that will be beneficial to both parties.

l do not have the resources to produce and market this product but have introduced it to different organisations here in Norway. The response was enormous and many wanted it. BUT we had problems with our producer in China and had to stop.

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