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[Category : - Agriculture]
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The method of pre-sowing processing of seeds during sowing of seeds, wherein the seed passes through the seed pipeline, and simultaneously exposed to the magnetic field of high intensity. The seeds are exposed to the magnetic field created by the magnets (for example, the neodymium NdFeB (N42)) mounted on the seeds of the seed lines of any seeder. Magnets are arranged in such a way that the magnetic field lines are located in perpendicular planes, which additionally increases the intensity of the magnetic field that affects the seeds. The velocity of the seed material is determined by the ratio V=. ?2gh ? 2m/sec. The distance from the seeds to the surface of the magnets is not more than 1.5 cm.

Financial information

Inventor-applicant is looking for opportunties:
1. Sell his invention. Price before 28.08.2020 is $2.5 mln.
2. License his invention. Price before 28.08.2020 is $500,000.

Current invention can be applied near about in all countrie with agro-industry.
It allows to raise yeild for at least 10%.

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