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A valve with a central aperture that has several advantages over the conventional iris diaphragm valve.
The iris valves are subject to torsional stress, especially as they are being closed, handles and locking mechanisms made of polycarbonate are subject to distortion and breakage. Polycarbonate control rings are subject to the same problems. Additionally, iris valves containing bronze control rings are subject to metal flaking inside the valve due to the metal-on-metal contact between the bronze control ring and the metal valve body. This can lead to damaged sleeves, introduction of foreign material and erratic actuation of the valve.
Our valve mechanism does not work by torsional mechanism which significantly reduces friction and prevents flaking and all other problems caused by torsion, moreover, the movement is perpendicular to the center not torsional which means more torque.
The iris valve is used in various industrial applications as a control valve for chemicals, dairy, food, minerals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc. Our valve can be used in such industries with its advantages over the conventional iris valve in addition it could also be used as a medical retractor, as a wrench, in vehicle industry, etc.

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