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[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles]
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The present invention relates to the field of cosmetics and beauty treatments and relates to a new apparatus and method, which creates a 3D eyebrow stencil for each type of face.
The device mainly includes a scanning device, a software utility,
a device for managing and using the software (equipped with a memory, a processor and a display) and a 3D printer.
The software utility collaborates with the management and use device and produces the 3D image file of the stencil containing the
adequate or optimal shape and positioning of the eyebrows for that type of face, depending on the design selections performed by the user.
 The 3D image file of the stencil is supplied as input data to the 3D printer, which realizes as a final product the stencil of the eyebrows to use on the real face initially scanned.
The obtained stencil adheres to the area of ??the face to be treated, allowing for easy reproduction and make-up of the eyebrows.
 It is a new device, available to everyone, simple and versatile in use, which allows to significantly reduce processing times and associated stress.
Furthermore, it provides greater awareness during design and achieves an aesthetic result that exceeds current standards.

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