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Stationary Aircraft Fire System

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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This novel system prevents the spread of fires in airplanes when the airplane is in stationary mode (e.g if the fire starts while the plane is at the airport before take off, or in any landing site after an emergency landing or crash). This is achieved by channeling the fire suppressant (water provided by firefighters) from the outside of the plane to its inside through an assembly of water pipes and connectors. Today ground firefighters have to wait until it is safe to physically enter the cabin of the accidented airplane before they can fight the fire from the inside. During this time the fire often gets bigger and many lives are lost due to this reason. Thanks to this invention, firefighters will be able to extinguish any eventual fires occurring at the inside of any airplanes equipped with this technology, drastically faster and more efficiently than without it, saving many lives and also preventing property loss by fire.

Financial information

This provisional patent application if for sale, particularly to airlines or commercial aircraft manufacturers who would be interested in implementing the system in their fleet.

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