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Water is the fuel of the future in the present!

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How long will we pay oil and gas corporations?? How long will we drain the planet's resources and at the same time pollute its air with harmful substances?? How long in the pursuit of energy we're going to kill yourself??? But today there are solutions that will quickly, safely, painlessly for humanity and not expensive to solve these issues!!! Today there are decisions that will touch your heart and mind, decisions that will once and for all change your understanding of energy, its price, capabilities and security. Even the way you understand and feel energy will change forever. With Hydrogen Engineering you will be able to drive a car almost for free, one tank of fuel will be enough for 10,000 miles, and a small home station will be able to provide electricity and heat to a huge house with almost no financial costs. How is that possible? With Hydrogen Engineering you will fill the fuel tank of a car or a mini-power plant with plain water, and it does not matter whether it is fresh, sea or rain. In order to get energy you just need a little ordinary water! Water that gives you the cleanest of all possible energy options. Energy that does not pollute the world, but allows you to see all its beauty and enjoy all the benefits of civilization, leaving it blooming and beautiful to our children. And even if you do not use technology from Hydrogen Engineering, rest assured, you will continue to live, love and laugh. As usual. Nothing will change. But isn't that the worst part? Because the exciting water experiments in Hydrogen Engineering are nothing compared to how it could be. Nothing compares to how your consciousness will change, which eventually learns the potential of water and its hidden energy possibilities. Become one of us! Change the world for the better! Buy a patent from Hydrogen Engineering for the engine or participate in the project as a shareholder or sponsor. We offer for sale a full and exclusive package of intellectual property rights to patents and know-how (information on technology, materials and reactions, how to manage these reactions) in relation to the internal combustion engine for automotive and other equipment using water as fuel, plain water, does not require special cleaning and/or preparation. The method of operation of such engines has a patent of the Russian Federation (reactions and processes of internal combustion engines) and is physically and technically sound - in respect of the invention, a scientific and technical examination on the merits was carried out. The owner of patents and technologies developed on its basis is the seller. The developed engine consumes only water in the fuel tank. Methods and know-how that provide sufficient energy for the reaction with the release of energy are currently unparalleled in the world and are not used. Water does not require special cleaning, only removal of mechanical impurities to prevent damage to the engine components and systems. The process of refueling and providing fuel does not require special conditions and / or infrastructure, can be carried out anywhere. The engine and fuel are absolutely safe in operation both for humans (fire safety) and for the environment - no harmful substances are released during the combustion of water, there is no toxic pollution of air, soil and water. In addition, in the manufacture of the developed engine, there is no increase in environmental pollution more than in the production of modern engines. If You (Your Company) are interested in promising Projects, I offer you participation in Hydrogen Engineering on the following possible conditions: - investments-from 10,000,000. 00 $US (minimum check from one investor-500,000 $US, the minimum amount of investments newly attracted to the Project can be increased immediately after the successful testing of the beta prototype - the company's transition from seed-stage to stage A); - Investor's share in the Project - up to 49% through the creation of a new legal entity (the size of the Investor's share/group of Investors included in the Project after successful testing of the beta prototype will be less, not more than 30%); - investment period (the period of design and technical / technological works before the Project enters the market-5 years); - exit of the Investor (if desired) - through IPO or buyout / sale of shares at market price; project status: - the Project has intellectual property rights (patents, know-how) for inventions and technical solutions; - availability of the Project design and technical, technological documentation for the Project product; - availability of a working alpha prototype, successful trials and testing; - work on the Assembly of the beta prototype, preparation for testing (the approximate launch date of the beta prototype is the end of November 2019); - availability of a team (engineers, designers, physicists, programmers, management personnel). Investments made by the Initiators of the Project at this stage - 2,100,000. 00 $US (from own funds and income of the current business of the Initiators).

Financial information

Market Outlook:

"...The target vision of the international consortium Hydrogen Council, founded in Davos in 2017 by major industry companies under the chairmanship of Toyota — more than 400 million cars, 15-20 million trucks, 5 million buses on hydrogen by 2050 (that is, about 20-25% of the total). 78% of the top managers of the global automotive industry surveyed by KPMG believe that such cars will be a breakthrough, relegating battery-powered cars to the background..."

Navigant Research:

"...the capacity of stationary hydrogen power plants will grow from 500 MW in 2018 to 3000 MW in 2025. Such installations are combined with RES, electrolyzers, energy storage and allow to create full-fledged Autonomous sources of energy supply for the household. Given the cost of hydrogen electricity in the United States, according to Lazard ($106-167 per MWh) is already approximately equal to the atomic indicators ($112-183 per MWh) and coal ($60-231 per MWh) power plants are less than the cost of individual rooftop solar panels ($187-319 per MWh). In Japan, thanks to large-scale government subsidies of such installations in 2014, there were already more than 120,000, and the target values-more than 1 million by 2020 and more than 5 million by 2030..."

Annual market volume (in $US) by 2030 estimated:
- on cars and engines in the region of 40 billion.;
- for power plants-in the region of 25 billion.

The technology and technical (inventive) solutions of the Project are unique, have no analogues, are not used by anyone else, although work in this direction is underway.

Even with 5% of the market by 2030, the Project can receive cash flows in the amount of at least 1.5 billion us dollars.

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