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[Category : - HEALTH]
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Safe Shower invented a unique shower head, patent based, that minimizes the risk of Legionnaires' disease from sources of shower heads.
The system operates as follows:
· Continuous disinfection in the shower head, by a small sized disinfection unit (such as chlorine pill) operates only when water stops.
· Air is prevented from entering the shower head by the use of Mini silicon valves which minimize exposure to aerosols that transmit the Legionella.
· Air is prevented from entering the shower head by the use of Mini silicon valves which minimize chlorine oxidization, thus preventing the formation of scale and organic sediments.
· Legionella is a parasite Bacteria, disinfecting the water system does not prevent legionella in the shower head.
Hospitals and Hotels are required to perform an annual or semi-annual examination to detect Legionella in the bathing water. In half of the tests, the bacteria are detected at a concentration higher than the permissible. When Legionella is detected the institution is committed to perform an expensive disinfection process which requires many man-hours.
All the existing solutions such as Washing water pipes with high levels of chlorine are solutions that do not work continuously! And don’t last!

Financial information

We designed product for marketing.

· The chlorine & PH test results show that Legionella and other bacteria will not survive.

The patent claims are very wide, I got the patent for the principal that safe shower disinfects the water when the flow stops.

Some companies and hospitals are already interested in buying and using the safe shower head.

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