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Girls ' best friends are diamonds!

[Category : - OTHER- Jewellery- Organic Chemistry]
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A new, improved method of synthesis of multiple high-quality diamonds by HPHT method is offered for sale or for joint use.
The method allows for up to 5 days to produce (synthesize) diamonds weighing from 6 to 10 carats, and in exceptional cases, up to 15 days - diamonds weighing up to 25 carats.
The purity of the stones corresponds to the jewelry quality (GIA) is not lower than VVS1 (F, IF, VVS1), color D (for colourless/white) or DARK - colored.
One diamond synthesis plant is capable of producing up to 12 pieces of stones, weighing up to 10 carats each, per month.
The cost of production excluding the cost of equipment, only consumables-no more than $ 30 per 1 carat of the weight of the diamond produced.
Thus, the new method allows in a short time to obtain inexpensive, high-quality and large stones for use in jewelry, non-technical or scientific industry.
The technology was developed by a group of engineers and is currently undergoing a patent procedure.

Financial information

The synthetic diamond production method is offered for sale for us $ 250,000 or for joint use when an interested person or several persons contribute a total of us $ 150,000.
The total annual production of synthetic diamonds is currently 8-10 million carats, and jewelry quality is about 4.5 million carats. The total annual production of natural diamonds is 124 million carats, and gemstones are 85-90 million carats (source: Rough & Polished).
At the same time, the market price of one carat synthetic diamond jewelry quality size of 5 carats is from $ 100 per carat.

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