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method of purification of biogas

[Category : - OTHER- Agriculture- RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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A method of purification of biogas comprises removal of biogas components in the course of the multistage process of its purification. The purification process is conducted in two stages at that in the first stage a raw biogas is passed through a first reservoir filled with nitric acid solution and ammonium nitrate is obtained and in the second stage the biogas purified in the first stage is passed through the second reservoir filled with a solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate and sodium sulfide are obtained.

Financial information

The invention is not sold by the patent holder. There is a sale of a license with royalties. The contract will be concluded in the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine. This invention is applicable in urban, agricultural and food industries.This invention allows you to have your own methane source in cities, as well as produce a little ammonium nitrate and technical soda.

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