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DeSho: The New Shoulder-Wearable Accessory

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Participating in outdoor festivals and major mass sports events requires a safe and comfortable solution for storing minimum personal belongings in a way that will suit these events. Positioning a figure used as a storing device next to the user's head helps to prevent unwanted interaction such as pickpocketing. Moreover, placing a figure parallel to a person's head has also a mental effect of drawing attention and inflicting the personal "courage". It enables an opportunity to step out of daily persona and become inhibitions free.

- Imagine a combination of two major components: A figure (such as a plush toy, stuffed animal toy or any other 3-Dimensional object or figure) and a self-adjustable harness that is worn stably on user's shoulders.
- Now imagine… The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, where hundreds to thousands of figures are placed on the shoulders of the attendees. It is a unique look but it also assures a very useful accessory for storing personal belongings that will be of use over and over again.
Bonus: There are also some more interesting publicity options (merchandising)…

The product is patent-pending,
International PCT application No. PCT/IL2019/050596.

Financial information

The market potential is divided into groups:
* Major sports events (where the figure can be the mascot of the team or the animated logo).
* Major carnivals, parades, music concerts.
* Theme and amusement parks.
* Fashion accessory (big in Japan).

All possibilities are opened. I am interested in selling the patent combined with royalty partnership.

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