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Quadrillion dollar invention

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Okay buckle in and use your imagination this is both complex and simple in terms of a concept. Also keep in mind that this is a brand new idea so no you don't know more about it than me. In short if you are too arrogant to grasp a new concept then move on to something in your own wheelhouse and don't bitch because you missed out. So here it is again buckle in and pay attention to what I say not what you assume. I am using an analogy of the brakes on a car for simplicity of the example but it's not a car part. In simple terms it's a hydraulic powered over unity device. Okay here is how it works. On a car the brakes act like a huge lever and mostly how it works is that their is a primary piston in the master cylinder that when you press on the brake pedal it moves forward and squeezes hydraulic fluid through comparatively small tube and this raises the pressure which then acts on the Pistons in the calipers which have a much larger surface area than the master cylinder piston and the force is multiplied by the extra surface area of the caliper pistons. This is great as you can generate enough force to stop a hurtling two ton car from tremendous speeds. Now what I have done is surround the secondary or caliper pistons with hydraulic fluid and a membrane which itself is surrounded by hydraulic fluid and for arguments sake let's say that it's ten times the surface area of the caliper pistons so when they act on it ten times the already multiplied force is produced. So you can see the force produced is several hundred times more than applied and this is in turn attached to a hydraulic motor which in turn provides energy that has hundreds of thousands of industries and applications. This technology in the HVAC market alone can produce over twenty trillion dollars in revenue for the

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