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Tablet, Smartphone, and Smartwatch Display System (Phablatch)

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories - Telecommunications- Audio - Video]
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Filed under nonprovisional patent application #16407293.

The Phablatch is a unique invention offering a streamlined system that eliminates the need to purchase separate devices. It is four devices all in one. More specifically, it is three specially engineered devices that, with the help of a snap-on keyboard, has the ability to create a fourth. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle to form a laptop, which merges all screens and peripheral features including cameras, speakers, storage space, battery power, and cellular service. Think of it as the "Swiss army knife" of electronics. Depending on where your day takes you, you’ll be able to pull your device of choice apart from the rest of the assembly. For example, the laptop for typing documents and gaming, the tablet for eBook reading or any other tasks where a laptop is not necessary, the smartphone for staying connected on the road, or the smartwatch to track steps during a quick jog. Each device functions fully on its own as if it had been sold separately. Since all three devices may not have the same apps and settings, the Phablatch can emulate one of them on the compound screen when in laptop mode, letting you choose which you prefer. The word "Phablatch" is a portmanteau of phone, tablet, and watch, and is pronounced "fab-lotch". It is also pending trademark. Rights to the trademark would also be included in your purchase.

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