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A board game having Engine and Field integrated in the same board

[Category : - Toys and games]
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ABSTRACT:- A board game having Engine and Field integrated in the same board. In this board game the Engine will produce weight with the help of self rnpowered tokens and a dice outcome, which will transfer to Field tokens rnautomatically and field tokens have to carry the imposed weight. Field tokens rnhave to complete all the field tracks playing positions with the added imposed rnweight after every next turn. Every field token has a threshold of carrying rnweight after crossing which speed falls down to minimum. Imposed weight can rnbe transferred to other tracks playing positions or can be pull down to lower rntracks playing positions or field token itself. If the transferred weight is lying on rnthe track on some playing position and field token crossing that playing position rnthen it will add to the carrying imposed weight of that token on that turn,rnhowever weight still may be transferred to other tracks playing positions rn.Players have to transfer/manage the imposed weight on their turn to maintain rnthe maximum speed all the time till game comes to end to complete the game rnfirst, however no weight should remain left in the field at the end.

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