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Mop cloth for broom

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The “MOPPER”…Converts a Broom into a Mop in seconds! In theory, everyone owns a broom!”


The MOPPER is ‘Eco-friendly’ and re-usable; equates to less Swiffer's and other disposable mop heads in landfills. Other unique benefits of the Mopper are that its Lightweight, High-Volume and Fast; Reversible; Bleachable; Washer/Dryer safe and Durable.

Co-designed alongside a professional home and office cleaner with over 25 years of professional house and office cleaning experience. The raw version of a ‘hole in a towel’ is the only mop product her professional cleaning crews use on a daily basis; whether at work or at their homes. This mopping system is commonly used and accepted throughout the Latin cleaning community; referred to as a Cuban Style mop.

I made the MOPPER a consumer product. I believe the “MOPPER” is a better mouse trap and solution for mopping apartments, houses, small offices, boats and yachts, smaller hotel & motel chains, fast food restaurants and school districts. Designed for the home/office cleaning professional and general consumer that is looking for a simple lightweight mop option that is quick, high-volume and efficient at a low price point.

The MOPPER can be used DRY, DAMP, or WET’…Dry to sweep floors, dust under furniture & clean cobwebs off walls; Damp with your favorite spray floor cleaner or Wet with your favorite floor cleaning solution. When you’re done using the “MOPPER” simply grab the black “Finger Hook" located in the upper corner (both sides are the same) and throw it in the washer & dryer. Fold it and put it in the pantry & it’s ready for another day.

Executive Summary
*Co-Designed by a 25-year professional Latin maid for professional house cleaners, janitorial companies and the general consumer.
*Patented in 2019. Patent owned and a designed by Mark W. Clayton.
*High volume; Lightweight efficient and fast mopping system; Reversible (both sides are the same).
*Bleachable; Washer and dryer safe; when finished the mop folds up and can be easily stored in compact places at home/office.
*Individual mops weigh .04lbs each with a light bag to protect them in transit from getting dirty.