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Beautiful Murphy Bed Interchangeable Front Cover System

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- OTHER- Furnitures]
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A printable interchangeable vertically retractable front cover system for a Murphy bed may provide a cover assembly, a cover framing assembly, a cover drive assembly, and a Murphy bed assembly. The cover assembly may vertically deploy to conceal a Murphy bed in the upright position and may vertically retract for the bed frame and mattress to be lowered to the floor. The cover assembly may include a positionable cover having a continuous seamless printable surface that may accept high resolution printed imagery such as photographs and artwork. The cover may vertically retract and deploy with the aid of its own drive assembly. The positionable cover may either roll up or fold up into a compact cover assembly which may be uniquely removably mounted to the cover framing assembly to allow for quick and easy transition from one cover assembly to another, thus making it uniquely interchangeable. For the first time, a Murphy bed owner may have the ability to quickly update the appearance of his or her stowed Murphy bed, such as with changing seasons, styles or interests.

Financial information

Interest in licensing with royalties or selling the rights to my United States Utility patent of a uniquely interchangeable and digitally printable front cover system for Murphy Beds.

With greater interest in the U.S. in living in smaller spaces, popularity in Murphy Beds will likely continue to increase and the ability to quickly transform the look of a stowed Murphy Bed will likely appeal to the American consumer, among others.

Asking Sales Price $49,500 (Payment terms will be considered)
Asking Licensing Price 10 Percent Royalty based on Gross Sales
Prices are negotiable

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