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A better Operating System Controller for Mobile Devices

[Category : - SOFTWARES- OTHER- Indentification and payment methods]
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Australian Provision Patent Application 2019901436

- Devices, systems and methodologies configured to provide a control and interaction method and system for mobile devices.

What makes it so special:
- This is a novel method for navigating a mobile device operating system and activating controls and apps.
- It Gamifies the user experience by adding a fun, intuitive and fast effective Augmented reality layer.
- We use device capabilities not currently used for this purpose.

Benefits vs. existing technologies.
- Significantly Faster navigation and activation of apps and other device services.
- Delivers significantly faster transaction processing times in a pay-by-phone environment (Typ 35-50% time-saving). This translates to queue-length reduction and less walkaway customers in a busy retail environment.
- Adds that all-important "fun" factor.

Financial information

Upfront fee + low % royalties preferred.
Proposed Upfront fee - US$1m
Global Licensing, segmented by specific application

Market potential - All mobile phones. (almost 2 billion sales p.a.)

This innovation should appeal to.
- Operating system creators (apple, google, ms, etc)
- Leading app developers (Facebook, weChat, alipay, etc.)

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