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DC pulse electric device without moving parts

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The invention is a new technological way of generating renewable energy by recovering and harvesting energy from consumed energy. Research and development on renewable or alternative energy are focused on generating energy for consumption but not recovering the energy utilized during consumption. The invention recovers electric energy utilized to energize primary coil and harvests electric energy from secondary coils through the incorporation of strategically placed permanent magnets, magnetic cores and switches. These recovered and harvested used energies to be utilized again will results in less energy consumption, which in turns, reduce reliance on power industries to provide more energy to operate the same electrical device. The incorporating of the invention into electrical devices does not emit pollutant during operation, thus, reducing energy-related emission in renewable energy.
The invention is backed by a Patent No. 10,205,374 and a prototype to show the seriousness of the team in realizing the invention to a real world moving electrical device application. Current yield of the existing prototype is 30% of consumed energy. In other words, if a 100% of an electrical energy is consumed by an electrical device, the proposed method will recover 30% of the consumed energy. Putting the invention concept into monetary perspective, using the invention is like paying someone $100 for a service but you get $30 back to be reused. That's a tremendous savings! rn

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The team is looking for an outright sale for the invention. The invention is applicable to all electrical, electronic and automotive devices and equipments. There are vast possibilities of future research and development that can be done to change how the invention will be integrated to various electrical equipment or how electrical devices can be modified to incorporate the invention. The potential can be a game changer and revolutionary in that it could alter not only the current global business model of how energy is being provided and consumed, but also altering the perception of how energy is being produced. In this case, by the very product that consumes electricity can now also be reproducing the energy. Imagine the day to day electrical appliances generating its own electricity as it runs. This concept could fuel creativity and innovations resulting to wider and lasting impact beyond the energy industry. Perhaps even be life changing!

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