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FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to test and measurement equipment and can be used to monitor the state of long objects, namely, extended cargo-bearing structures in the form of rail track of the local and main railroad tracks, subway, mining and construction production, as well as rolling stock moving along said structures. According to the claimed method, and the device implementing the method, a special information-measuring fiber optic cable (IMFC) containing a group of interacting glass fibers reacting to changes in controlled distributed physical and mechanical parameters. All glass fibers are placed in a common reflective sheath, filled with a thixotropic immersion gel. At least two of these IMFC are fixed on the inner surface of the neck of both rails of a railway track, optical pulses are fed into each of them from a single source of wave energy, after phototransduction and demodulation of the output signals of both IMFOC, using the special algorithms in the computing device, the above characteristics of the rail track and the train are obtained, based on the analysis of which decisions about their condition are made. Device is used for the implementation of these operations, wherein the device comprises a source of modulated wave energy connected to the inputs of two IMFC, and the outputs of these cables through the photodetector unit are connected to the input of the demodulator connected via the ADC unit and the FFT processor - to the computing device and video terminal, wherein second output of the ADC unit being directly connected to the second input of the computing device, the third input of which is in turn connected to the output of an additional installed buffer memory.EFFECT: higher accuracy and selectivity of the control due to expansion of a range of the data at the control of the state of the rail track of a continuous welded railway track. 9 cl, 17 dwg

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I want to make direct sale of the patent in the territory of Russia and on a contract basis to continue work on industrial introduction of this invention. Previously, it was not sold or sold.
The potential of the market. In the United States and Russia alone, there are more than 3,500,000 km of Railways, 30% of which have significant wear and tear or are located in areas with a high probability of man-made accidents and seismic activity. The present invention can significantly reduce the damage from accidents and prevent loss of life.

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