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FIELD: monitoring and measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to test and measurement equipment and can be used to control the parameters of long objects. In the method of controlling the state of a long object and a device for its implementation, by means of an information-measuring fiber optic cable, depending on the characteristics of the monitored object, which has a specified number of fiber-optic triads implementing a consistent set of Walsh-Hadamard basis functions, they measure the distribution of the integral curvature in the areas of the generating line of the bearing surface, on the basis of which the very distribution of the curvature of the generating line of this surface along the cable axis is restored using a special algorithm. Each of the triads contains three parallel-stretched and coupled with each other along a common forming cylindrical quartz glass fibers, placed in a common light-reflecting envelope filled with immersion liquid. Sequence number of the Walsh-Hadamard function is realized by installing a triad of optical cross-connectors in the cut of glass fibers. Selectivity of curvature control of several forming surfaces is ensured by installing delay lines in the cable, which are made according to the Michelson echelon principle. Cable is fixed along the axis of rigidity on the surface, such as the console of the aircraft wing. Optical pulses are generated and fed to the input of the reference channel of each triad, optical signals are obtained at the outputs of all cable triads and they are photoconverted into electrical signals, then they are detected simultaneously, they amplify and transform these electrical signals into spatiotemporal distribution of curvature, torsion, bending and shear forces along the cable axis. Implementing the method of the device, which includes a pulsed coherent laser connected through an optical amplifier and an optical connector to the input cable, and the cable output, also through the optical connector and the second spatial filter in the form of a block of photodetectors, is connected to the input of a demodulator, the output of which is connected to additionally installed in series with an DAC unit, a computing device and a video terminal, the second input of the computing device is connected to the output of the additionally installed buffer memory, and the second output of the computing device through the DAC block is connected to the second input of the demodulator. The results of research on the geometry of the MiG-29 wing model were presented, discussed and approved at a joint meeting of the static testing Department and the design Bureau of the Aircraft factory. EFFECT: improving the accuracy and selectivity of controlling the curvature of the bearing surface. 23 cl, 18 dwg

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The main advantage of the method is the ability to measure continuous distributions of vector parameters, for example, curvature and torsion of the surface of the aircraft wing, as well as to process the controlled value with the help of the measuring waveguide line in the process of control.
The correct account of the distribution of loads along the wing surface, regardless of their nature of occurrence, can reduce the weight of the aircraft by about 10 % and improve safety by proper flight control, taking into account the actual operating loads.
The potential of the market. Such objects are of fixed bearing surfaces, wings, horizontal and vertical tail planes, the helical blades of the helicopters, the underwater wings of the courts, and supported the load-bearing surface of the rail and road bridges, roofs and roofs of buildings.
Russian patent of the author V. N. Zemerov No. 2670570 C1 is included in the state database of Rospatent "Promising inventions" for 2018, section "Measuring equipment", No. 317.
I want to make direct sale of the patent in the territory of Russia and on a contract basis to continue work on industrial introduction of this invention. Previously, it was not sold.
There are no other intellectual property items related to my invention.

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