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Title: Multi-Light Bulb US Provisional Patent #: 62/849,028

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Invention Title
Multi-Light Bulb

I have re-invented the Light Bulb, there are support wires, tungsten filaments that will be two Light Bulbs in one glass bulb. Once one runs out the other will replace it providing a replacement free 2-in-1 Light Bulb that lasts twice as long as one single Light Bulb.

Background of the Invention

Problem Solved: The problem that my invention solves is to prevent customers from replacing Light Bulbs to a minimum especially when Light Bulbs are in high areas. In high Recess Lighting Areas there will be less changing of Light Bulbs due to twice the inners of any Light Bulb there is on the market today. This improvement will seem that there is one working all the time and there is another in back up. I must note that my customers that manage apartment complexes don’t’ have to switch out Light Bulbs as much.

Detailed Description of the Invention
As stated above, my invention solves the problem that customers don’t have to change their Light Bulbs as often. My invention differs from what currently exists due to duplicating the hardware inside the Light Bulb that makes it last twice as long depending how much hardware is in the Light Bulb. Less maintenance requires less switching of Light Bulbs and last twice as long as my competition.

Another, improvement to my invention is optional, have both Tungsten Filaments and Support Wires or LED Chips work simultaneously to brighten the room it’s in. This invention is an improvement on what currently exists. My Light Bulb idea can be adapted for modern Light Bulbs all over the world.
It will be easy to double the innards or hardware/software such as the computer chip that helps regulate LED Light Bulbs to modern day Light Bulbs will be easy for any engineer to product my 2-in-1 Light Bulb. In fact, it could be 3-in-1 or even 4-in-1 modern Light Bulbs that could be made, sold, shipped, and purchased for the masses.

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