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US patent 8967274 Air-conditioning system Save %25 to %50 power

[Category : - Heating & Cooling]
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This invention changes the compression system from metal pistons to liquid pistons. By this switch to liquid pistons we can use Impeller pumps instead of compressors. Which will lead to reduction in power consumption by %25 to %50.
Volumetric efficiency of JPS is %100 since all the gas will pass through to the last drop. While compressors have clearance of pistons deficiency which will reduce efficiency to %85.
If we only take clearance deficiency of compressors the advantage of JPS will be a cooling system %15 more efficient.
But the JPS have the advantage of using a smaller motor and the advantage of continuous pumping and continuous flow. Were pistons only pump half the cycle, So JPS has many advantages

Impeller- pump Air-conditioning system Save %25 to %50 electricity in all buildings.

Prototype AC save %50 power

US patent 8967274 link to United States Patent and Trademark Office

Dewatering prototype same idea as the air-conditioner, it sucks air and water or just air or just water, and what ever it sucks it will pumps it out.
We need Two tanks only for clean water, 4 tanks for dirty water & dewatering see prototype video below

Jasim pumping system = JPS

JPS consists from 2 tanks, 1 Impeller pump, 2 four way valves, 1 sensor.

JPS will end The compressor world for ever.

Compressor uses %100 electricity.

JPS uses %50 electricity.

Any building has a cooling system can with few hours replace its compressor with a JPS and will and save %50 electricity. And get its money back within one month.

In New buildings when they use JPS in their cooling system from the start and save %50 electricity. they will get their money back of the entire cooling system within few months.

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