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Intelligent Automotive Component

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Security and alarms]
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An intelligent automotive component adapted to perform as an regulated apparatus. Further, the intelligent automotive component comprises an power-link apparatus comprising an power circuitry that furthers allocates or restricts power supply to one or more components of the intelligent automotive component. The intelligent automotive component further comprise an key fob that allows wireless communication between the key fob and intelligent automotive component to enable or disable the apparatus. In conclusion, the present invention overcomes the prior arts of an automotive component by providing an power-link apparatus comprising an power circuit disposed within the intelligent automotive component that is able to be controlled via one or more instruction provided by the key fob by ableing and disabling the intelligent automotive component from within the power-link apparatus circuit.

Financial information

The present invention discloses an automotive product for cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles etc. Currently I'm looking for an partner willing to develop and market my product (e.g., patent). Alternatively, I'm looking to sell the license in exchange for royalties.