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Eco-friendly Smart Lamp

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No more light bulbs!!

The Cherry Smart Lamp is a New generation, Eco-friendly, Energy saving Lamp which is the World’s first lamp to have it lights shinning from the shade.
This revolutionary design produces 360º lighting using LEDs strips instead of the incandescent conventional bulb in the centre of the lamp.
The Eco-friendly SMART Lamp is unique, stylish and elegant.
It’s maintained a classic retro look, packed up with the latest Hi-tech functions and features which can be interacted with and adjusted via a bespoke app ( iOS & Android ).
The colour and brightness of the LED lighting can be changed effortlessly from your phone or tablet, with the use of integrated Bluetooth technology.

Technical Summary :
A lamp 10 comprises an envelope 14 defining an inner volume 18, with apertures 20, 22 allowing egress of light from the inner volume. The envelope 14 further defines an outer volume containing one or more light emitting diodes directing light both into the inner volume and directing light away from the lamp, through translucent portions 26, 28, 30. The light entering the inner volume 18 escapes through the apertures 20, 22. The outer volume may take a general form of a lampshade as found in traditional lamps. The invention provides a variable distribution of light from the light source between that emitted directly from the outer volume, and that emitted from the apertures 20, 22 via the inner volume 18.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale or license with royalties.

The potential is great.

According to the AMA Research.

The Uk Domestic Market for Electrical Lighting was worth £3.4 Billion in 2015/2016 and increased by 13%. In 2017 the US LED Lighting Market was worth US33.1 Billion dollars. Meanwhile the penetration rate of LED lighting is to increase to 52% in 2018. LED’S are the future.

The trend towards LED Technologies had driven up value growth in the market. Despite market forecast being revised downward following the EU Referendum, underlying trends remain positive.
LED lighting is to account for 23% of total lighting in Europe in 2016/2017 which is the highest across the world. The second and third is North America and China.

As we currently do not have the money to invest in this operation - we do not have the ability to get these lamps made in quantity, or to be able to get them manufactured and retailed. We are hoping someone with the business acumen/insight to see the possibilities in this range will be able to profit from the innovation.

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