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Radio Control System for hobby Aircraft

[Category : - Toys and games- Telecommunications- Navigation and orientation]
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This new Utility patented design replaces the old style two handed Radio Control transmitters everyone is familiar with. My patented design provides total R/C control using only one hand. The transmitter, battery and antenna are contained in an enclosure that can be worn on a belt or shoulder strap. The hand held controller is strapped to your wrist and operates the control surfaces and other functions. The hand controller communicates with the transmitter by blue tooth. The hand controller is very light weight and adjustable for left and right handed operators. The hand controller is very intuitive in operation and will perfectly control drones, fixed wing aircraft, helicopters , boats and race cars. The actual transmitter circuits are the same as exiting two handed transmitters made by such companies as 'Futaba' and other well known companies.
I have constructed a very basic, but 100% functional prototype. This video is available on YouTube. Type in CompetitorRC_Transmitter2 to get a better understanding of what I am describing.
The patent is for sale.