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Shut-Off Valve Repair System

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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A shut-off valve repair system includes a shut-off valve. The shut-off valve is fluidly coupled between a fluid supply and a plumbing fixture. Thus, the shut-off valve selectively restricts and allows a flow of a fluid to the plumbing fixture. A valve unit is selectively fluidly coupled to the shut-off valve when the shut-off valve fails. Thus, the valve unit selectively inhibits and allows the fluid to flow to the plumbing fixture.IF THE SPERDY COMPRESSION VALVE DORS NOT SHUT 100%,and does not hold and water dribbles out,u can install new valve rite on old valve with new valve with new Ferrell and nut, then shut valve completely. Will not be necessary to shut main valve to house and the newly installed valve has male threads on the outlet, then u can replace faucet or toilet tank equipment and connect to newly installed valve using original flex connections or new fex braided or copper adjustable tubing,THE ADVANTAGE IS NOT HAVING TO SUT MAIN OR UNSOLDER OLD VALVE OR UNDCREW OLD VALVE. Just reconnect fex tuning and turn on water supply and ur done (only if valve does not hold, just put pan underneath to catch some water and install new valve and shut supply and resume ur job the open new valve when done,ALSO CAN INSTALL NEW VALVE WHEN OLD ONE IS STILL OLD FOR YEARS AND WILL HAVE NEW ONE INSTALLED ALREADY

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