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(1) calculating a depth from fixed sampling points based on speed changes of sound pulses will rectify compromised detecting depth based on currently fixed sound speed, which will improve a quality of sound imaging. (2): using TOF shift to calculate a velocity of moving objects from fixed sampling points, which is based on a fixed detecting depth and the changed speed of the sound pulses. My invention is different from Doppler mechanism, which is based on fixed speed of the sound pulses and changed distance between a detector and a targeted moving object. So, Doppler mechanism is incorrect in sound imaging applications. With the mechanism of my TOF shift, various TOF shift affecting factors, such as a detecting depth, maximal speed of the sound pulses, a length and density of the sound pulses, will adjust an average speed o the sound pulses. As a result, the affected TOF shift will be compensated with the average speed of the sound pulses. So, the calculated speed of the moving objects at the fixed sampling points will be more accurate comparing to the calculation with Doppler shift; (3): based on above two features, using coded sound pulses to simultaneously obtain both information of depth and velocity from the fixed sampling points, which will be used to construct 2D and 3D images, such as constructing 3D vascular structures by presenting sampling points that come from moving objects. At the same time, it also avoids aliasing, and corrects artifacts, and erases background signals; (4): currently, all sound imaging systems, such as ultrasound machine, sonar and sound radar, are based on fixed sound speed. My inventions overthrow current sound physical mechanisms, which provide great marketing potentials to renew these sound imaging systems. So, my inventions will be one important part in sound imaging systems of next generation.

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Market Potential: A novel invention for Ultrasound machine and Sonar and Sonic Radar of Next generation


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