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Lightweight Saddlebag Brackets for Kawasaki Ninja 1000 and Versys

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - AMUSEMENT SPORTS]
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I designed these soft saddle bag brackets for the 2011-2016 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS and Kawasaki Versys 1000 because I could not find a soft saddlebag solution with brackets. Also, on this bike the rear fender had been removed as a lot of riders do for a sportier look, but the only brackets that exist are designed to bolt to the rear fender. The brackets that I have designed bolt to the passenger rear handles by simply replacing the original bolts with longer ones and some washers. These brackets are highly functional and have been tested well along with the passenger rear handles remaining functional. These brackets can be used with or without the OEM rear fender and turn signals. I looked everywhere I could think of and I could not find anything designed like this for these bikes. On the forums people were asking if others knew where to get some aftermarket saddle bag brackets besides the ones that Kawasaki makes. No one had any answers except suggesting that the best thing to do was to make your own, so I did! Therefore, I believe these are highly marketable and there are plenty of consumers like me looking for something like these for their Ninja 1000’s. Fitment for model years from 2011 to current Kawasaki Ninja 1000, 1000 ABS, and Versys 1000 ABS. Will possibly fit other models.

A saddlebag support apparatus includes at least two arms and a support frame with a geometric shape. The arms are removably connected, for example, to a rear section of a vehicle, for example, a motorcycle. The support frame extends from lower ends of the arms. The support frame defines a receptacle for receiving one or more attachment elements of a saddlebag to secure the saddlebag to the support frame. The saddlebag support apparatus includes an interconnecting member positioned and connected between the two arms for precluding deflection of the support frame when the saddlebag is mounted onto the support frame, thereby providing rigidity to the support frame. The saddlebag support apparatus includes one or more connector elements positioned at predetermined locations on an inner plane of the support frame for receiving and accommodating one or more attachment elements of the saddlebag to secure the saddlebag to the support frame.

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