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(The Torque Cork) (re- bottling) Preservation for wine and liquors

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Patent Pending. US 62/921286 The main purpose of my invention is to permanently seal a bottle while giving the ability to easily open in a flash. Some people really have trouble opening corked bottles; I aim to provide a solution. Rotating a cork into the bottle neck could provide a tighter seal. My invention is considered a Cork and not a stopper. My invention would be desired because of the function. The handle spins until tightened and gives a user control of how they want to seal and open their bottle; not by pushing or shoving but by gradual rotation and moderate pressure. The Torque Cork can be used as many times as he or she wishes with the same bottle of wine or a different bottle used for leftover wine; re-sealing, re-opening and re-bottling. The Torque Cork could come as a product with three different sizes to reach most bottles on the market; a standard, medium and large Torque Cork.
Also , it keeps individuals who could try to drink from the bottle without permission away from the bottle. Once sealed, absolutely nobody can open the bottle without the rotating key. The special cog like rotation key increases the users capability to have strength when opening. The rotating key can be used on the reverse side to open a bottle.
Since the Torque cork is made with a synthetic material, the product can open windows to the future of wine bottling. Using a deep rotation rather than straight pressure could in turn help preserve. The Torque Cork is unique Because of the design; the internal hardware twists the whole cork body from the inside out; which in turn, gives the user the ability to twist and pull the cork out of the bottle and back in.
Benefit recap:
1. Confidence in a stronger seal
2. Perfect to bottle leftover wine
3. Super fast and easy to use. 10 seconds or less to open a bottle.
4. A spinning handle
5. No contamination
7. No cork screwing; simply spin and pull.
8. Heavy duty; durable and can last a long time
9. The ability to use a cap over the cork for freshness seal
10. Possible use for industry wine makers and bottlers.

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