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[Category : - Fitness]
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The Boxing Cap is ideal for Boxers, especially in between breaks
of a Boxing round. Whilst the Boxer is sitting on his stall the Cut's Men put's the Boxing Cap on the Boxers head whilst giving the Boxer construtive infomation about the fight's forth comming round's. By placing the Boxing Cap on the Boxers head this will reduce swelling and bruising and karm the Boxer down from over heating. The Boxing Cap will reduce the Cut's men time by having his spear two hand's free to deal with the Boxers problems such as cut's and bruising and swellings to the Boxers face. With the Cut's Men spear two hand's the Cut's Men can have more time to deal with more serious injuries situations. The Boxing Cap can be placed in the iced cool box between the Boxing bout's ready to use in the next round. The Boxing Cap has an additional optional, blacked out, Eye mask to block out the audience and listen solely to the Cut's Men voice for maximum concentration.

Financial information

I'm proposing an outright sale of my Patent's right's.
The " Boxing Cap" is a Registered Design granted by the UK INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE
Registered Design No: GB4032167
And the
No: DM/083 778

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