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Self Closing System For Pipes And Pipelines

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting- DESIGN PATENTS- CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENT]
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Application No.: 201721044859

Use of thermally sensitive expanding material like intumescent material is seen on applications where the fire and smoke are to be prevented to spread across the wall from gaps and/or as a seal which will expand inwards to block the flow pipe. These are less reliable technology which may not be sufficient to suppress fire. Presently there are no product available in the market which can be used independently and not restricting to use in wall or separator areas. Being a module, it would also enable its use at any location as and where needed. Being a modular assembly, it can be opened and checked for fitness for use.

A fire suppressant module comprising of a tubular casing and consisting of at least one level of thermally sensitive expanding material attached to the inner face and possibly at least one at the center of the tubular casing and both ends of the module available for connection to flow pipes. The levels of thermally sensitive expanding material can be increased with increase in diameter of pipe. The thermally sensitive expanding material may be intumescent material having very high expansion ratio and char strength. Spring like structures may be added to provide reinforcement to the char from the pressured flow inside the flow pipe. It is a passive fire suppressant module which upon encountering fire initiates the expansion of the thermally sensitive expanding material inwards and outwards from the inner face attached and centrally suspended thermally sensitive expanding material inside the tubular casing respectively to forma barrier to the pressured flow and cut off the fuel or air supply hence suppressing the fire inside the flow pipe.

The present invention relates to a passive fire safety module used in a flow pipeline to prevent the fire passing through the flow pipeline by expansion of thermally sensitive expanding material and obstructing the flow path when encountering fire or due to rise in environment temperature. For large diameter pipes, multi-level thermally sensitive expandable material layers can be implemented to have better passive fire control capability. Spring or wire mesh will be used as reinforcing material to provide strength to the expanding material from the flow pressure. The module can be attached at any place in between the flow pipeline giving an advantage to use it at any location. Being a modular assembly, it can be checked and replaced as and when required.

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