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Inflatable swimming gasbag

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The utility model discloses an inflatable swimming gasbag, primary air bag is equipped with an accommodation space in it, the primary air bag is located to a fixed band, a control keyboard, locate the fixed band on, should control and be equipped with three at least buttons on the keyboard, one advances evacuation gas device, locate the primary air bag in, should advance evacuation gas device and the control keyboard electric connection that locates the fixed band, advance to be equipped with the air valve that provides the air and advance, go out the accommodation space of primary air bag on the evacuation gas device, an air hose locates the primary air bag outside, and it is rectangular form and one end is connected with the air valve that advances evacuation gas device, an air ball is located the air hose other end and is provided its showy protrusion in water surface, the utility model discloses can utilize primary air bag and fixed band or fixed band will swim the swimmer fixes to the button that the control keyboard on it was located in the utilization is pressed down and is controlled, makes the primary air bag inflates, stop and exhausting.

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