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[Category : - Boating]
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This invention relates to the use of a removably attachable sailing rig with an integrated water foil for the conversion of a conventional boat, row boat, kayak, canoe, and power boat into a sailboat or an existing sailboat rig into a canting sail rig, video: Link (watch in 1080p). The sail rig system utilizes the strong attachment points inherently available on most conventional boats and soft inflatable boats for attachment. The sail rig is comprised of a mast with an integrated water foil and is supported by a rigid strut on each side forming a tripod with the mast, a sail is attached to the mast which is unconventionally tacked or jibed around the front of the mast in order to clear the struts. The base of each rigid strut has a strut attachment means for direct attachment to an oar lock or shear of a boat. The base of the mast has a bow attachment means for direct attachment to the bow or bow towing ring. The mast and water foil can be tilted or canted to either side of the boat by lengthening or shortening each rigid strut. The sail rig system also has a separate rudder for steering.

All prototypes and boat are included with the sale of the patent.

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