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Twisted Drinks - Perfectly Measured Cocktail Beverages

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We have solved a major problem in the growing ready-to-drink cocktail space with a simple and fun package design that enables shelf stability for any cocktail combination, including those containing fresh fruit, creams, wines, spirits, and other reactive ingredients.

Below are links to pertinent patents, documents and images - a comprehensive overview of our product invention. Our product can be manufactured using current industry standard bottling equipment and processes.

Website Link

Pitch Deck Link

Executive Summary Plus Link

Issued Patents
Link (Utility)
Link (Utility Abstract Correction)
Link (Design)
Link (Design)
Link (Design)

PCT International Search Report
This report advises all 20 of 20 claims are unique and should be accepted when filing internationally. This will provide GLOBAL protection for our product.

Unrolled CAD: Link
Unrolled prototype: Link
Bottle top one piece: Link

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