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Rope Climbing/Ascending Assistance Device

[Category : - OTHER- Construction Processes & Equipment- Camping and Outdoors ]
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Patent Application No.: IN201821020325
Patent Grant No.: 309560

The present invention relates to a device that can be used in rope climbing. It is used in any application which requires ascending to a height. Being an external mechanism, it can be checked and replaced as and when required. The mechanism provides a system which can lift a person by rotation of a rotating handle. The mechanism consists a gear train arrangement to increase the mechanical advantage, so that, a little amount of effort is required to lift the whole weight of the person. A braking mechanism is provided on the device for braking purpose. The speed of ascent can be controlled by the rotation of the screw of the holding mechanism i.e. the shifting of the drums closer, increasing the rope’s area of contact.

Features and Advantages:
1. The mechanism has a gear train with different gear ratios intended to give a higher mechanical advantage which can lift whole person weight with a very less effort
2. A rotation of a handle is converted in the ascend through the rope
3. The mechanism is very simple, robust and easy to manufacture
4. This folding mechanism can be used even in any kind of ascent wherever ropes are used
5. The attachment of rope in the device is very simple and user friendly
6. There is an arrangement to control the speed at which the fall is going to happen
7. There is a ascender device for braking used on the top, which when activated, brakes the device to stop at the particular position

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