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Valve handle wrench

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Here it is, the patent you have been waiting for.----

discription and use--
A small plastic wrench to shut off or turn on all those little water and gas valves around the house.( that is) the little football shaped valves under the sinks and the water supply for the toilet -this valve is found in many places. When you need to shut off these valves,they do not fit into a man's hand and therefore can not be turned. The next thing that happens is that you get a pair of channel-lock plyers. this ,many times,ends up in breaking off one half of the valve top. At this point, you have to find a way to turn the half valve or try to buy a new top. These valves are usually not turned until needed and then you find that they are limed -up.

My little plastic valve wrench can do the job fast. The wrench is 5/8 inches thick and 9 inches long,made of a type of plastic that is very strong and yet has some flexability. I call my invention (the water bone) because if made out of white plastic,it looks like a dog bone( good logo) It can be produced for much less than 15 cent each in volume, a little more expensive in colors.The wrench has a valve head receiver on both ends- each end is a different size to fit the 2 sizes that this valve comes in.It is a snug fit and usually a crank and a half shuts off the valve.

Think of the time and frustration you will save by not having to run up and down the basement stairs to turn on and off the main water valve.The wrench can be hung-up in the tool room or around the back of thre toilet with a jumbo paper-clip or use Velcro(TM). Think of the elderly, trying to find a wrench when the toilet over-flows, when if they had a(water b0ne), maybe in red,they would be able to shut off the water-fast and save all that damage.

This would be a good item to see in home improvement stores, hardware stores, or as a pick-me-up as they are checking out of the [Use the button below to contact me]

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