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Snorkeling Mask for diving that can electronically admit air

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The utility model discloses a superficial face guard of diving that can electronically admit air, include: a cover body is equipped with an at least fixed band in its rear, should cover body the place ahead be equipped with a mirror, is equipped with an at least exhaust port on should cover personally experiencing sth. Part of the body in addition, and this exhaust port is equipped with a one way check valve and to a side pipe that covers the extension of external side, the cover body is located to a pipe, its one end connection and this pipe is rectangular tubulose and communicates with each other with internal of cover, an aerator, locate the pipe other end and provide the outside air by the pipe other end fill into, a waterproof floater is located pipe one side and is provided the pipe other end and floats, through the utility model discloses, can will locate the waterproof floater of pipe with the surface of pipe other end emersion water, the air utilizes the aerator to irritate gas through the pipe and gets into the cover body and discharged by the exhaust port.

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