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Submarine structure

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The utility model discloses a submarine structure, be equipped with the accommodation space in providing and the submarine that is connected the electric power storage room that has the battery and has a power group of spiral thick liquid float in the aquatic and shallow stealthily and the deep diving, include: an at least pipe, the accommodation space of its one end and submarine communicates with each other and is connected, is equipped with an at least cable in it, the other end of an at least pipe is located to an at least body, an at least energy supply ware elevates and locates the interior or accommodation space of body, an at least control panel, locate the accommodation space or body of submarine in, the cable that this control panel saw through an at least pipe is connected with the energy supply ware to be provided power and maintains the communication and control, through the utility model discloses, a accommodation space admits air and gives vent to anger and the energy supply ware provides power with the power group link and maintains the communication and control of the submarine is provided.

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