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Flow regulator using a flexible constrictor.

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Flow regulator of a fluid by flow restriction, comprising a tubular housing (1) with an inlet and outlet for the fluid, a depressor nozzle (2), a rear throat (3), low pressure ports, high pressure ports, a flexible tubular constrictor (6), a tight constriction chamber, a differential pressure relief valve with a reference pressure port (9), a port pressure relief (11) and a pressure measurement port (12), wherein a constrictor pressure purge duct (10) connects the tight constriction chamber to the fluid flow at a point posterior to the flexible tubular constrictor (4), generating a permanent flow of fluid from the high pressure ports of the tubular housing (1), through the sealed chamber and into the flow of the fluid, and in additionrnallowing the expansion of the tubular, flexible constrictor (4) to maintain a regulated flow rate despite decreases in static pressure in the feed flow, and where also the cross-sectional area of the constrictor purge duct (10) is negligible in relation to the smaller cross-sectional area of the depressor nozzle (2), so as to ensure that the flow rate of fluid through the purge duct is negligible in relation to the regulated fluid flow rate, not substantially affecting the accuracy of the regulation.

Financial information

I am looking for a licence agreement for this technology, but I am open for an outright sale. This invention has not been previously sold or marketed.

The potential market is very wide. The potential market comprehends any technical field wherein a constant flow adjustment is needed, especially for low cost applications of where the fluid is acidic or alkaline, potentially damaging for common metal frame regulators. One preferable field of application is the chemical industry, another one is agriculture, but there are many others.

This invention allows to reach an inexpensive, dependable and precise way to keep a steady and self adjusting flow, without the need of any external power source for actuation, electronics or manual action.

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