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Advertising Balloons

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Advertising methods]
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-This invention is about two shapes of balloons that can be used but not limited to advertising in many diffrent way.They can attached be filled with helium gas and they float in the air or supported it with a stand,Inside them LED lights that make the imprint visible.What we have patented are the shapes of this two products as when balloons are floated in the air,shape play a big factor because of the the flow of wind.Theu can also be attached with fans and flown like a drone with a companies marketing message imprinted on the balloon.

-Our advertising balloons solve the problem of same old boring out-of-home advertising that is availble in Africa in general through billboards and lightboxes.With no competion and complete control of this method of advertising.

-This advertising products create instant attraction,lasting impressions,360^ view,unique and new in the market and mobile.When a company is advertising all they want is their message to be see,and this products do exactly that.

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